Game Hosting

All of our games are handmade and feature original artwork. Game hosting is a great way to bring excitement and structure to the game, and of course, prizes are an excellent incentive

You can also opt to include a ball toss game unattended in your party package at a discounted rate (without prizes).

*Lawn Bowl does require a game host.

Ball Toss is played with soft fabric balls. The idea is to "Feed the Bears". With each one you feed you win a point or ticket. It's a classic corn-hole game that we've stylized.

Lawn Bowl is a mini bowling lane with mini pins and bowling ball (ball is approx. 4"), all made of wood. Each pin is a point or ticket. The game host oversees the game making sure kids are throwing underhand and orderly enough for safety. Lawn Bowl can be played on grass, cement, gravel, etc.

Kids can save up their tickets for bigger prizes. We have a prized bin offering 1 - 10 ticket prizes.