Hey we're the Sparklers and we mean happiness for you and yours!

Nara Denning

Nara has been an event artist for more years than you should probably ask a lady ;) Her resume includes The Parade Guys, Rick Hern Productions, Duncan Designs, East Bay Face Painters & The Party Artists. For more on her eclectic works please visit Nara Denning Works on Facebook.

Clint Janssen

Clint is a veritable cherub who can match the energy and imagination of the children he entertains. For the team, he's our balloon wizard. Clint offers balloon twisting, game hosting, and screen print instructing.

Kamala Morris

Kamala is a child at heart as well as a mother of four; a sturdy leg up on conducting a proper ball toss tournament. She is equal parts charisma, wisdom, and love.

Iris Janssen

Iris is our young prodigy, a kind hearted and gifted artist. She is also daughter of Clint, ​apparently magic runs in the family.. She offers Face Painting, Game Hosting, and Balloons.

Emily Silveria

Emily is a fun loving artist with a passion for painting. She lends her natural and steady energy towards our "Made-you-Smile" flagship.

Amaris Blagborne

Amaris is a spunky Renaissance woman. Constantly on to something, she has found expression in painting, jewelry, and twenty years of costume design in theater. She leads youth productions in the North Bay and absolutely adores children.